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What To Look For In Dependable Solicitors


When you need a solicitor, you need to know they offer legal services you can trust and depend on. you have the right to expect experience, expertise, and qualifications that honour the trust you put in them.

At Crowley & Co, we understand how important it is that you get the best legal services on offer. As, such, we’ve put together a short guide on the qualities you should be looking for in a solicitor to get the services you need.


Your solicitor should be ready and available to communicate with you regarding your case. They should respect your time just as you should respect theirs.

When you bring a case to a lawyer, they should approach it with the expertise and professionalism you deserve. They should be open and forthcoming with communication regarding your prospects, what they need from you, as well as the time and money that the case might require of you.

A solicitor undergoes a long and technically extensive education to achieve their prestigious position. As a result, their communication should be extremely thorough and transparent. They should explain any jargon and ensure that you understand exactly what the service they are providing you with entails.

We recommend you talk comprehensively about every aspect of your case with your lawyers. This way, you can ensure that no stone is left unturned and limit any confusion around the steps ahead.

Openness and honesty are vital qualities you should be looking for in your solicitor.

Legal Communication


A solicitor’s most vital quality is having the right qualifications. Look for a solicitor who is an expert in the specific field of law you need. That way, you can secure a quality lawyer who can help you with your exact needs.



A solicitor who practices in your desired discipline should be properly accredited. A criminal lawyer or an asylum and immigration lawyer should be accredited by The Law Society. Government contracts with the Legal Aid Agency are also an excellent indicator of dependability.

Make sure that your legal representative has all of the proper accreditations and affiliations you need to feel secure in employing them.

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Experience – Case History

When you hire a solicitor, you have the right to expect experience as well as qualifications. Nobody, after all, wants to be somebody’s first case.

One way to learn just how experienced a firm is is to look at its case history. A dependable solicitor will have a portfolio of cases to cite their experience

There are a number of ways to judge a solicitor’s experience. The first is to check their reviews. Client feedback is vital to understanding the quality you can expect. Look out for reviews on their website, Google reviews, and reviews from third-party agencies. You can also ask the firm directly. Any dependable firm will be happy to discuss the experience they have and why that makes them right for your case.

Legal Case History

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