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Wills Solicitors Cardiff

If you require the help of our will solicitors in Cardiff, contact our team today.

A lot of people believe that Will writing should be kept for a rainy day or when they are more mature or have children.

The truth is, it is never too early to write your Will. Here at Crowley & Co Solicitors we truly believe that there is no right or wrong time to leave your wishes and to protect your assets for loved ones.

Experienced Will Writing Solicitors

Both Anna and Mark have a wealth of experience in Will writing.

All our matters are managed with utmost discretion and sensitivity.

We pride ourselves on the services offered and offer a flexible service which include onsite visits, home visits and hospital visits, if required.

We keep our Will writing service as straight forward and as stress-free as possible.

Our team can offer advice in relation to:

  • How your assets should be divided.
  • Your funeral wishes.
  • Guardianship should you pass before your child reaches 18 years.
  • Who you would trust to manage your affairs on passing.

We are happy to assist with Estates which are both modest and complex in nature and will ensure your assets and the interests of your loved ones are protected every step of the way.

Once a Will has been written, we also understand that things change as part of life this is why we are able to offer further advice on how to amend your Will should your Will require amending.

You may want to amend your Will for a number of reasons such as:

  • Divorce or Separation.
  • Remarriage.
  • Death.
  • Birth of new family members.
  • Obtaining new or different assets such as property.

Benefits Of Writing A Will

  • Your estate can be divided in accordance with your wishes upon death.
  • You are able to leave gifts and legacies to family, friends or organisations close to your heart, such as charity or places of worship.
  • It takes a lot of stress away from you loved ones on your passing.
  • It can avoid costly legal bills (which will be deducted from your estate once concluded).
  • Help to avoid family conflicts.


woman signing will papers

Affordable Will Writing Services

A lot of people see Will writing as an additional expense or a time consuming cost, however we offer very competitive rates and our Will writing service starts from as little as £75.00 plus VAT for a straight forward Will.

We are able to assist in more complex Wills and a quote can be given upon consultation.

We believe this is a small cost to pay for peace of mind. As a valued client we are happy to store your Will in our secure location free of charge.

In order for us to assist you with your Will writing we do require some information such as:

  • The assets you hold and approximate value.
  • The wishes in accordance with your estate and its division.
  • Funeral expenses and wishes.
  • Your status, married, separated, divorced, civil partner.
  • Whether you have any children under 18 years old (you may wish to enter a guardianship clause).
  • Who the executors of your Will, will be. Executors are the people appointed who will administrate your estate in the event of your death.

In addition to the Will writing you may require further assistance with the following documents:

Declaration of Trust

An additional document in which trustees are appointed to hold an asset, for beneficiaries, such as a child under 18.

Letter of Wishes

Sets out your wishes for the division of your estate and sit alongside your Will.

This document in not binding but does provide guidance to executors, trustees or family members.

It also provides an opportunity for you to illustrate your thought process at the time of making the will, if you are not making an even distribution of assets.


A document which is an addition or supplement to your Will that explains, modifies, or revokes a Will or part of your Will

As a member of the Will Aid Programme, we offer once a year a no fee Will writing service in which clients agree to donate a sum to charity instead. We are on the Free Wills Network panel.

Contact Cardiff Will Solicitors

If you require will solicitors in Cardiff, look no further than Crowley & Company Solicitors.

We offer will writing at competitive prices as well as assistance with other will related services.

Whether you require assistance with Declaration of Trust, Letter of Wishes, Codicil or Will Writing, our expert Will solicitors are here to help you. 

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