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Here at Crowley & Company Solicitors our team of family lawyers Cardiff understand that all family matters which may include divorce, children and other related family matters require an extra level of sensitivity.

Our family team is headed by Anna Stewart. Anna has a considerable amount of experience within this area of law and in particular South Wales County and Family Courts. Our team will ensure that all matters are dealt with sensitively, and as fairly as possible to ensure the best possible outcome for all of the family.

Family Law

Family Law has made some considerable changes recently and it has now become increasingly popular to settle such matters outside of the court system. This is something we regularly encourage for our clients, as matters can be dealt with within a smaller timescale and keep costs to a minimum.

Crowley & Co Solicitors can assist you with a number of family law services including Divorce, Ancillary Matters, Co-Habitation Agreements, Judicial Separation and Separation.

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Family Law Services

We are happy to offer other services upon request and subject to our work capacity.


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Ancillary Matters

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Co-habitation Agreements

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Judicial Separation

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For assistance with divorce, ancillary matters, co-habitation agreements, or separation matters, speak to our family lawyers in Cardiff. We have many years of experience working with families to ensure the best outcome for everyone. Give our family solicitors a call to see how we can help you.