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Will Writing: Frequently Asked Questions

Writing A Will

Writing a will is a vital step in making sure that all of your assets are taken care of according to your wishes. It ensures that your loved ones are properly accounted for and that your passing does not give way to disputes. However, writing can be a difficult topic to tackle. That is why […]

What Is Estate Administration?


Estate administration is a term that refers to one of the legal processes that occurs after someone’s death. It involves a series of tasks undertaken to handle the deceased’s remaining legal and financial affairs. These tasks can vary. However, they usually include such things as: Information gathering Tax documentation Minimising inheritance tax Applications for probate […]

What Happens When Someone Dies Without A Will?

Quill And Ink

In the event of a death, a will is critical. They ensure that the distribution of the deceased’s assets is done according to their wishes. It guarantees their loved ones are cared for and are left with the parts of their estate that they wanted them to have. Sadly, many people pass on without ever […]

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