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Specialist Sex Offence Solicitors | Legal Advice

Sexual Offence Counselling

Sexual offence investigations differ from standard legal procedures. Allegations may range from sexual assault to rape to the sharing of indecent images. The implications of these offences are life-changing, so it’s important to get the right legal advice.

Being accused of a sexual offence means that you’ll be investigated by the accuser and their legal party, so a specialist sex office solicitor will be vital for your defence.

Seek Legal Advice From A Specialist Sex Offence Solicitor

As soon as you’ve been made aware of any allegation against you, it’s imperative that you take action. A specialist sex offence solicitor will help you to gather time-sensitive evidence and telephone records to support your case.


Your specialist sex offence solicitor will gather all the evidence required to build your defence. This could include CCTV footage, images, emails, texts or recordings. You may even be asked to provide biological or DNA samples.

The more evidence that you can provide, the better. This will give the court more insight into your side of the case. Download, screenshot or save any communications you have with your accuser as soon as you can.



If you’ve been arrested or asked to attend the police station, make sure you get legal advice before you are questioned. This is even more urgent if you’re asked to attend court, so don’t delay.

Don’t assume that a solicitor will make you appear guilty. Specialist sex offence solicitors will engage with the police on your behalf and guide you through the process. Anything that you say can be used as evidence against you, so a solicitor will ensure that everything that you say is controlled.


Your Identity

You can request that your identity is protected if you are yet to be charged. The only circumstances where this won’t be permitted is once you are charged, or if the case is so severe that it’s deemed to be in the public interest to release your name.

Your solicitor can inform the police that you wish to have your identity anonymised for your case.

Signing A Contract

Call Crowley & Company Solicitors For Specialist Sex Offence Solicitors

Sexual offence investigations require careful and delicate handling. It’s in your best interests to choose a specialist sex offence solicitor to manage your case. You should never make contact with your accuser, as this could actually harm your defence.

Having a solicitor doesn’t mean that you have something to hide. Sexual offence investigations are highly complex and difficult to navigate. We’ll provide assistance from arrest to end of proceedings. Our experts will help you through this difficult time and deliver full legal support.


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