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How Family Lawyers Negotiate Amiable Divorces

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Divorce can be a challenging and complex ordeal. Emotions run high and negotiations can quickly break down, to the detriment of both parties. However, with the help of expert and experienced family solicitors, you can navigate this process towards an amicable resolution.

In this article, we explore how family lawyers put their skills to work in negotiating a healthy divorce.

Facilitating Effective Communication

A healthy divorce is founded upon effective communication. Family lawyers encourage and facilitate healthy and respectful dialogue between separating spouses. They establish common ground, aiming for a mutually beneficial solution. Or, at the very least, an equal and fair compromise.

By enabling constructive conversation, they help to prevent misunderstanding and pre-empt any unnecessary conflicts.



One of the more common issues during a divorce proceeding is confrontation. Divorcing couples often find themselves at odds, even when confrontation only prolongs and worsens the process.

Family lawyers are skilled in mediation, helping couples to move away from these more combative approaches. They create a neutral and supportive environment where couples can address their concerns with the assistance of their solicitor.

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Building A Constructive Solution

In lieu of confrontation, family lawyers focus on guiding their clients towards a constructive solution for both parties. This involves working together to find points that each party can agree upon and building from there. Through negotiation and effective compromise, a peaceful divorce is achievable.


Prioritising Children

One of the worst things that can happen during divorce is for children to be negatively impacted by conflict and custody agreements. Even when both parties wish to shield their child or children from this process, they often get caught up in it anyway.

Family lawyers work to negotiate effective and fair parenting and custody. These are purpose-built to prioritise the child’s care and social stability. By negotiating a shared responsibility tailored to the child’s needs, their best interests can be put at the forefront of the divorce proceedings.

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Creating Clear And Effective Settlement Agreements

To finalise an amicable divorce, one needs to draft a clear and reasonable settlement. Divorce lawyers have the qualifications and experience needed to craft a comprehensive agreement. This agreement addresses property division, support, child custody, and visitation rights. This provides a solid foundation for a peaceful post-divorce relationship.


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Divorce doesn’t have to ruin your life. With the help of skilled family lawyers, separating partners can reach an amicable divorce with as little friction as possible.

At Crowley & Company, our divorce lawyers understand the benefits of an amicable divorce and employ various strategies to promote effective communication, collaborative solutions, and alternative dispute resolution.

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