Here at Crowley & Company Solicitors our specialist crime team has been supporting clients throughout Cardiff and the South Wales areas, for more than 30 years. During this time we have built up a valuable reputation, and skills in representing a wide variety of criminal cases.

Our team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, for all police station and court attendances. For queries in relation to such attendances outside of office hours our emergency telephone number is: 07974919292.

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We have a vast experience in dealing with defendants in Magistrates and Crown Court trials throughout South Wales, for a wealth of offences such as:
Theft, Assault, Criminal Damage, Possession of drugs and or Offensive Weapons, Dangerous Dogs, Breach of Restraining Orders, Sexual Assault, Rape and Driving Offenses to name but a few. Below are some of the examples of the cases in which we have successfully represented defendants:

  1. R v Y (Cardiff Crown Court) 1983 – Defendant acquitted of murder.
  2. R v Taylor (Cardiff Crown Court) 1994 – Defendant acquitted of murder on causation following cross examination of Professor Bernard Knight.
  3. R v R (Cardiff Crown Court) 1996 – Defendant acquitted of rape after a full trial.
  4. R v L (Court of Appeal) 1996 – Defendant acquitted of burglary on identification.
  5. R v T (Cardiff Crown Court) 1998 – Defendant acquitted of murder.
  6. R v R (Cardiff Crown Court) 2006/2007 – Defendant acquitted of conspiracy to sell drugs in a 35 handed conspiracy.
  7. R v D (Cardiff Crown Court) 2008 – Defendant acquitted of attempted murder.
  8. R v K (Cardiff Crown Court) 2008 – Proceeds of Crime Application successfully reduced from 4 million pounds to one million pounds.
  9. R v H (Newport Crown Court) 2008 – Trademarks offence – Defendant received suspended sentence with subsequent confiscation stayed as an abuse of process.
  10. R v Mbengo & Others (Court of Appeal) 2008 – Successful appeal of deportation orders.
  11. R v I (Winchester Crown Court) 2010 – Defendant acquitted of Multimillion pound money laundering conspiracy arising from MTIC fraud.
  12. R v G (Cardiff Crown Court) 2010/2011 – Defendant acquitted of multiple historical rapes and sexual assaults involving numerous familial complainants.
  13. R v F (Cardiff Crown Court) 2012 – Defendant acquitted of conspiracy to misuse police computers.
  1. C v Cardiff County Council (High Court) 2012 – Successful Judicial Review of Cardiff City Council’s Taxi Licensing Policy.
  2. R v R (Cardiff Crown Court) 2012 –  Defendant acquitted of causing death by dangerous driving.
  3. R v G (Cardiff Crown Court) 2012 – Defendant acquitted of Rape after trial.
  4. R v D (Cardiff Crown Court) 2014 – Defendant acquitted f of Producing Class B Drugs, Supply of Class B drugs and Possession of Class B drugs following a fully contested trial.
  5. R v B (Newport Crown Court) 2015 Defendant successfully acquitted of sexual assault x 2 within minutes of the jury retiring to consider its verdict. The case involved careful scrutiny of CCTV footage which was presented to the Jury.
  6. R v B (Newport Crown Court) 2016 Defendant acquitted after Trial for an allegation of sexual assault again after careful scrutiny of CCTV assisted the defendant in this case.
  7. R v C (Cardiff Crown Court) 2016 The defendant was charged with a serious assault, the crown offered no evidence half way through the case.
  8. R v K (Cardiff Crown Court) 2016 Successfully presented an appeal to the Crown Court following conviction in the Magistrates Court.
  9. R V Ltd Company (Cardiff Crown Court) 2017 Defendants acquitted of money Laundering, Slavery and Trade Mark Offences. Obtained returns of £263,000.00 cash to company.
  10. R V C & J (Cardiff Crown Court) 2017 Defendants acquitted of ABH following a fully contested trial.
  11. R V P (Newport Crown Court) 2017 Defendant acquitted of sexual assault against a minor following a fully contested trial.
  12. R V G (Cardiff Crown Court) 2018 Defendant charged with historical rape, procuring an abortion and sexual assault. Crown offered no evidence before trial after Representations were made.